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Herman Gauche

Check out this crazy cool new sound, and let me know what you think.

I bought a copy of the album last week and I'm hooked ... did you ever have a bad dream and need a place to stash it when unexpected company decided to drop by? Well, don't put it in your pantry!


Why RAW?

Oh my ... SO many reasons.

1) It's the best possible thing you can do for your body. Don't believe me? Read Dr. Gabriel Cousen's books, including Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine to get scientific evidence for why this is so. Also, visit his site here.
There are lots of new books by various authors coming out on this topic each month -- check your local library and try keywording "raw food" in the catalog.
Moreover, there's a movie coming out! See the trailer for Raw for 30 Days.

2) It's the best possible thing you can do for the planet! No more cooking means no more electric/gas stove usage -- and think about the water saved from not washing pots & pans.

3) It feels good! ... more energy in the mornings and less "so full I wanna hurl" feelings after a big dinner.

4) There are so many delicious recipes I never knew existed!! Check out these two sites, filled with yummy raw recipes -- of course, skip right over the ones that call for honey (or substitute agave):
Raw Recipes
Living Foods Recipes



I have recently realized the need to do something urgently regarding wolves: Alaska's gry wolves are a threatened population, and desperately need our help and protection. You can find out more about these wolves, and also sign a petition at Defenders of Wildlife's site.

This is not natural selection. This is brutality. Watch a video of the chasing and gunning down of innocent and beautiful creatures, sanctioned by our government here.


What's on your Christmas Menu?

Well, once again, my mother-in-law and I have split up the menu for our holiday meal. This is what Monday's dinner is going to look like at our house:

Un-Turkey (prepared by MIL)
Cranberries (moi)
Mashed Yams (MIL)
Bread (moi) w/ Spread (MIL)
Oven Potatoes (MIL)
Coleslaw (moi)
Salad (MIL)
Chocolate Cheesecake (moi)

I'm excited because I have never made bread from scratch before (sure, I've used those bread machines, but this will be completely different) and I've chosen what looks to be a very festive and delicious recipe: Ms. Beverly Lynn Bennett to the rescue again, with her Sundried Tomato Olive Bread. The other challenge, of course, will be the cheesecake, since I have yet to produce a satisfactory version of one. Again, Beverly is helping me out with her (what looks like) easy version of a Chocolate Cheesecake.

Last year, I made chicken enchiladas for Christmas dinner (obviously before converting to veg-ism) which was a non-traditional but fun meal to prepare.

What is everyone else doing this year? I would love some new recipe ideas, so please post them here if you have 'em.

:o) Holiday Cheers! :o)


Veg Quiz

What type of vegetarian are you?

Turns out, I'm a "militant vegan."

You scored as militant vegan. You are a militant vegan! Happy? Surprised? A vegan is someone who avoids consuming/using all animal products, including flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, and so forth. Some avoid products tested on animals. Being a militant vegan means you have more radical views than most vegetarians, namely animal rights. You may be an activist already or on the verge. You are confident and unwavering about your ethics. Not a vegan? Perhaps you're one waiting to happen! Check it out at

militant vegan


vegan vixen


health-conscious vegetarian


welfarist vegetarian


quiet vegetarian


new veggie


lazy vegetarian


What type of vegetarian are you?
Not surprising, huh?

I love quizzes so much, I made one when I was in the cookie business. Try this out and let me know what kind of cookie you are: The Cookie Quiz

I'm a chocolate chocolate chip, or at least I was the last time I checked.
Hmmm...that is strange...I seem to have been transformed into a sugar cookie.

If anyone has a cool quiz, please send it to me! :o)


Tucson Veggies

Hey Y'alls. So, as you know, we went out to dinner last night to celebrate a birthday. Lovin Spoonfuls was the perfect choice for our little group. I also perused their shrine to veganism for the first time, and learned quite a bit! First off, the owner of the restaurant, Peggy, has a PhD in Chemistry, but felt called to open a 100% vegan restaurant in Tucson -- God bless her! I also purchased a cute little vegan pin made by a Girl Scout troop, for which the profit goes to the Vegetarian Resource Group of Tucson. I had never heard of this group, but they have a great website and seem to be a good way to network with other veg-heads. They also have a few recipes on there that look interesting.

Pretty Good! :o)


The Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift of Adoption

This year, give the gift of life to a rescued farm animal. Choose the one that speaks to your heart most, or the one you can afford to sponsor. You can also adopt an animal in the name of someone you would like to honor, or as a gift. I have decided to adopt a pig in my family's name. Pigs so desperately need our help. You can also support pigs by donating to the Pig Protection Campaign.

Another great reason to consider adopting a pig or cow this holiday season? You'll earn a free cookbook and other nifty gifties! Check out the benefits for each type of animal here.

Plus, not only will you receive an adoption certificate and photos of your animal, but you will also be able to visit her at the shelter. So choose whichever shelter is closest to you. The animals thank you kindly in advance! :o)


I'm Back!

What excuse do I have for being offline nearly three weeks? Well, I moved into the new place, and didn't get internet until finals week. Then it went down again the day I needed to do the final and only came back the following day. This past weekend was spent demolishing the exterior of the house and re-painting and such -- lots of fun! Here's a before & after in the same photo:

What else has been going on in my life? Well, there's the wild dog situation. When we bought this house, we discovered it came with a litter of puppies, born of a wild mother. Ever since, we've been feeding them and hoping they will start to like humans and want to be our bed dogs. They started to trust us a little more each week, until ... their worst nightmare came true: we put collars and leashes on them and attempted to take them to the vet. Their response was one of pure terror, and they pulled until they choked themselves, pulling even more ferociously until one of them escaped, and the other poor darnit finally got picked up and placed inside the truck. They are good dogs, though. One would expect them to hate us forever for such behavior, and they don't. They were back in the house last night eating their dinner like everything was cool. They will be getting altered on December 29th, as long as everything goes according to plan, since we don't need any more wild puppies being produced. Hopefully what we learned from the test run on Saturday will be helpful when it really counts. Here are a couple of pics of Fire and Water:

These dogs are becoming my whole world -- I never thought I could fall in love a couple of stray dogs, but they have so much personality and are so darnitty, I can't help myself. We would never give them up now. And the Humane Society has been very helpful and supportive of our desire to adopt them and care for them as if they were "normal" companion animals.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party in our family! Guess where we're going? Yup yup, Tucson's only Vegan Restaurant, and my fave restaurant of all time -- Lovin' Spoonfuls

Check out their menu and if you are ever in the area, make sure you stop by and show some veg support.